Monday, October 29, 2012

two thoughts: sweet escape + teaching myself

I had little to no direction in my attempts of this post...thanks for bearing with me.
Sometimes I just need to escape all of life's responsibility and have a sweet escape.
It is 3 minutes and 10 seconds so perfectly used. And I think we all owe it to ourselves to just sit, listen and watch for those 190 seconds.

Sometimes I feel like my life is a roller-coaster, the high points, my days are thrilling and I feel an abundance of joy. Tender mercies seem to come often, I have happy days and moments that are cherished. Then there are the low moments that I wonder how I'll wake up the next morning and do it all over again. But through it all, the gospel will always be my seat belt. I'm locked in--and so grateful I am too. I need it completely.

Joseph Smith once said, "Sometimes the Lord brings us low, so that He can bring us even higher in the end." But in the process of us being in a 'low state', He's still with us. He never sends on missions alone. He never sends us to raise children alone. We, as children of God are blessed to always have the Spirit of God with us.
I am just realizing the importance of journal keeping. I am not saying by any means I have been faithful at this, but, most recently, I have begun making it a point to read for just a few minutes out of my general conference, church, scripture journal after my scripture study.

What I love that I realized, I taught myself. My younger, less experienced, and less knowledgeable self teaches me more than I realized. Isn't that ironic? Perhaps, simplicity is the best teacher after all.

As I read my past journals, I am reminded of what trials I have had. What emotions I have faced. My good moments and my not-so-good moments. All of these moments compiled leads me to a level of assurance that with faith I can overcome a trial/hardship/weakness. That assurance leads me to action. I choose to move forward, uncertain of the outcome, but relying solely on my Savior to help me. That action leads to evidence that I can do hard things, that with the help of Christ, we can be conquerers. And ultimately that evidence leads me to the next level of assurance I need for the next "thing" that comes my way.

assurance-->action-->evidence-->greater assurance
(read any Elder Bednar talk, and you'll see this)

That is the pattern I'm living after. I'm recognizing in my life and looking for. Its there.
It might have taken me past journals to realize this--but by reviewing the past helps me build my future.

Remember: The gospel is great, and we can teach ourselves more than we realize. 

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