Tuesday, October 30, 2012

tuesday rambles

I've decided that if my finance professor was 22 years old, and had more hair, i'd marry him. Partly do the reason that he shares fantastic devotionals before class, but mostly because he wears "Mr. Rogers" sweaters, and says the most witty remarks ever.

I also feel I should win some sort of an award for always having the sack lunch that spills and leaks all over the contents in my backpack. All the time.

I feel I've begun to overstay my welcome at the library, hence I'm noticing library employees around campus when they are not on duty.

My roommate sent me a text: "There is a guy sitting next to me, that smells funny, and he has been playing video games on his computer for the past hour, and he's married. But there are normal guys out there who smell nice, and not married. What is the deal!?

I sent said roommate a day earlier: "Since its getting cold outside, all guys stick their hands in their pockets and now I can't do the left hand ring check anymore. #mormonsinglegirlproblems"

And I like to begin and end my days the same--breakfast: hot chocolate and pb & j toast. midnight snack: hot chocolate and pb & j toast. its like i'm living a cycle.

Sometimes I pretend i'm famous because I associate with really famous people. Like the basketball star, football athlete, and the vocal point people all in my classes and group projects. Sometimes its funny that my roommates and sister, Julia knows more about them then I do!

2 days until we can blast Christmas music around the apartment, 24/7.

I went to the grocery store today (aren't you proud?), and figuring I hadn't bought fruit in a while, I thought I'd splurge on grapes....uhmm...what...$5.39. what the heck? i was going to return them, but the line was too long, and when your roommate drives you, you don't waste time. oh well, they better be darn good grapes!

That just about sums up my Tuesday--oh and the fact that its my better-than-Christmas-eve tonight and i can't barely hold it in!

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