Friday, November 2, 2012

Called to Serve

This post is long over due.....please forgive me.
I thought maybe waiting for some time would help me puzzle piece my thoughts together...but lets face it.  Whether it is 2 hours or 45 hours later...I am still so excited.

After receiving my mission call 24 days after the announcement was made, I was so thrilled to open it up surrounded by family (via google hang out), and friends in my Provo, UT apartment.

October 31 was filled with anticipation for me. Yes, I like to think the entire country was celebrating with me. But for different reasons. My roommate texted me around 2 saying it had come. I almost screamed while i was in the library--i then began freaking out. I couldn't focus, concentrate, but mostly just so excited. I might've skipped home from campus that day.

I told everyone I was opening it at 6:15pm.
As people came in, I honestly didn't realize this many people knew and loved me! I was shocked!
friends from past and current wards, roommates, and cousins
One thick envelope.....
 It then was time for me to open it.....(here is a video of it...sorry, i should have turned towards the camera more) :)

 You heard correctly.....

So much suport and love from these wonderful people

Oh happy day!

What you don't hear is that she is speaking spanish to me, and i don't understand a single word she is saying....

 It was great to have Crismon there when I opened it, and Lynette. These two family members have really been a huge part in my BYU experience, and I am so grateful for them.

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