Sunday, October 21, 2012

catch-up: General Conference Family Time

The best part about General Conference besides the great lessons we being with family.
I love having my dad being a church leader for my stake back in Gresham, so that they have the opportunity to come down to Conference twice (or once) a year to visit us Utahn's and attend Conference.

General Conference has always been such a special time for my family. It has always been tradition that when we turn 12, mom and dad would take us to a session of Conference. I remember when I was really young sitting in the Hogan building chapel, with dim lights, and we always took up multiple pews. There were alot of us, and when we wanted to spread out--we took up space. When I was 7, I thought it was so cool to sit in a different bench than mom and dad for a session. However, I think I always found myself next to mom so that I could lay my head on her lap.

I distinctly remember that Conference was so important to my mom and dad. They were never happy when I misbehaved or was annoying because they wanted to listen and take notes. And besides....that is the two times a year my mom actually gets to sit by my dad during a church meeting for most of their married life.

I'll always remember being able to go when I was 10--instead of 12. I remember where I was sitting in the conference center, what I was wearing, and sitting my Mom, dad, vivienne, and dallin, when I was in the same room as the Prophet of God for the first time. I couldn't tell you what was said, but I remember the undeniable impression and witness from the Spirit that this was a man called of God, to lead and guide this church. Ever since then, I have received the same witness over and over again each time I attend conference. Undoubtedly, it is my favorite time of year.

Now for the pictures....Mom and Dad drove down and we were able to attend the Saturday and Sunday morning sessions. Cami and Austin Doutre joined us, as well as Danielle and her Grandma Swain.

And not only was A-A's food so are her children!

So....Alice-Anne (aka's worlds best chef) takes the cake for best sister award. Or should I say PIE...

 The best part of Priesthood session is dinner and ice cream with Julia! :)

 Oh hey Priesthood session.....mhhmmm......
We kinda like each other. But Lewis Girls inside a Doutre Sandwhich. 

 Multi-tasking at its best. Texting and hugging. I've got it down.

Cami and I have been "friends" via skype, facebook, texting, phone calls for the past 7 months, and we finally met each other this weekend, it was the best! Its so good to be reunited with a best friend since the pre-mortal existence! :)

wow, that hug says, "LOVE!"

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  1. Ahhhh...I miss being able to go to conference! I have missed my time at BYU since I graduated, live it up for me!


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