Saturday, October 20, 2012

catch-up: Brigham City Temple Dedication

I feel like I've missed the chance to blog about the real chance to blog about the normal and important events that have happened.

September 23, 2012-- I was able to attend the Temple Dedication at a stake center 5 blocks away in Provo with my roommates. There were three sessions and we attended the first one. There has only been one other Temple Dedication that I had been to, and that was the Nauvoo (rededication) when I was about 8 years old.

The Brigham City Temple marks the 14th Temple in Utah. President Boyd K. Packer performed the dedicatory prayer. It was a neat experience knowing that President Packer and his wife grew up in Brigham City all his life, and he was there for the ground-breaking at the beginning of the Temple construction.

President Packer (in the session I attended) told us that after the ground-breaking, asked in prayer so sincerely to stay alive to see the Brigham City Temple built. President Packer was blessed and was able to be there for all three sessions.

Prior to the Dedication, there is a Temple Open House, which means that all the public is allowed to walk through the Temple--members and non members. There is a distinct Spirit being in the House of the Lord. I have been to one open house in my lifetime so far, the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.

A Dedication of a Temple means with the Priesthood Power, it is consecrated and set apart building to the Lord. There is a dedicatory prayer that is said. We do say the Hosannah shout (which means, "God save us now"). It is a sacred time to witness the dedication---as you have to have to be a Temple worthy baptized member of the church.

I love Temple Dedications. I love that it means Temple work and missionary work can move forward. I always love being in the Temple. I didn't always appreciate the Spirit and power that comes from temple attendance, but I recognize how much I need it in my life.

In the Temples we can feel of more peace and joy--because it is the Lord's Holy House.
Beautiful Brigham City Temple. I want to go there soon!

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