Saturday, August 25, 2012

waiting for me.

i landed safetly in Utah last night.
it was a beautiful descent into the mountains with a red sunset falling behind me.

to be honest, i wasn't very excited to come back to provo and begin school again.
did i miss a schedule? kind of. did i miss class? debatable. did i miss provo? maybe.

but now that i am back, i've seen my roommates, slept in 'my' bed again, in 'my' room, and stepped foot of 'my' campus, it feels like home. finally. oh, and one of the best parts....8 packages and 3 letters for me to open when i got home. (okay, they were all textbooks and rent bills, but who cares, its mail!)

now, i can say i am very excited to start new classes and a new job.
okay, now how long will this excitement last? is probably what you are thinking. and you are right, i'm wondering the same thing too. the novelty of college has worn down--but the novelty of new life expereinces excite me more than anything....did any of that make sense?

well, i'm enjoying my last day of summer. and preparing for a talk tomorrow.
if you have any thoughts of being a provident provider--spiritual and temporal self reliance, then please share, i am just praying that the Spirit will guide my thoughts and words.

I love the gospel. I love my life. I love my family.
I love that we are choosing to be happy.

(okay, now i sound like this girl, but you should hear all of it from her, because she is way cuter!)

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