Thursday, August 23, 2012

its thursday. it can only mean one thing.

1. week until BYU kickoff--and football season begins!
(its still a sensitive subject, two weeks later, that i don't have an all-seasons sports pass, yeah, don't rub it in.)

oh, and i know i said it can only mean one thing, but i have a few more.

2. it means that tomorrow, i am leaving for the big city, or where some people call it Provo. either name suits it nicely.

3. but that also means, new semester, new clothes, new roommate, new....hold your breath, HAIR CUT.

are you disappointed this is the most exciting news i can come up? me too.
oh, i failed at 2 sewing projects also.

relived the glory childhood days and watching The Parent Trap with Julia, and then I remembered, we didn't need to watch this--we already have it memorized!

okay, i'll leave you with this all, but, tomorrow when i get off the big jet plane, i'll talk about how i did other fun things in this state. deal?

(warning: she REALLY styled it, and then probably burnt an ozone layer with hairspray--so just accept the hair cut, but it probably won't ever look like this again. ever. if i kept this hairstyle up--i could join the bleach blonde provo mormon girls hair association. don't press your luck.)

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  1. aw you cute thing you. like when my haircutter person styled it and it never looked that good again. everr. haha i can't wait to see yo face!


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