Thursday, August 16, 2012

perfection in a pan

i know i say this every summer, but this time i mean it. 
this has just been one terrific summer, and i hope another doesn't beat it for a while. and if it does, then we both know it will be unreal. 
as of late, something that has just made this summer great, are my good friends. 
you know, the ones that are 9, 6, 4, and 1 years old, and don't forget the babe, 3 weeks old. 
interestingly enough, i'm closer in age to them then i am their mom (my sister), so i think its fair to call them my friends. :)

being with them has helped me revisit my childhood--and it was a grand one too for that matter. 
playing in the neighborhood, drawing cities on the driveway with chalk, making "ice cream" from upside down bikes, getting real ice cream from TCBY, feeding the ducks, watching Arthur, going shopping, reading, reading, and more reading, playing at the park, in all, we are busy filling our day with goodness. 

i've made it a recent goal of mine to never use the word busy again, after learning something from a friend. we have made "busy" become an emotion or a plug for missing out on so many opportunities. what would happen if we eliminated that word from our vocabulary. i think more good than we realize could come from changing our perspective on life--myself very much included. 

but the most important part of this entire post: is that...if perfection was to be spelt would be oregon blackberry cobbler. nothing come close to comparing to the delicacy of handpicked-free-off-spring-water-trail-blackberries. 
confession: when i was in high school, most days, i would just walk home from school, solely, so i could eat the blackberries along the trail as i walked. sadly, that only lasted halfway through september, but still, so worth it. it is perfection in a pan. 

Sydney and Bryson climbing up from where we fed the ducks. slightly on the dangerous side--but we survived!  :)

dont judge! it was early in the morning, and i had zero make-up. apparentely, its the "summer-mom-look" in case you were wondering. 
What a cutie! this cute boy is going to be a ultimate frisbee pro! i can see it now!

are we so happy for 99cent days at TCBY. (this is the secret for becoming the favorite aunt)

black berry cobbler. if i ever get married, this is what i'm having as my wedding cake. don't even try to argue with me. 


  1. I can't believe I barely missed the blackberry season. That cobbler looks delish!

  2. are Sydney and Julia really your friends? Did they get over you eating all their ice cream in Maryland??


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