Saturday, August 11, 2012

something for your head

hold your laughter....and your applause. 

Since i'm not competing for cutest pictured award, we are going to settle for basement-poor-lighting-mac book-photo-booth photo. deal? deal. 

i just had to express some sort of accomplishment tonight, since, well, my sewing project that i thought was pure gold, well, turned into 3 big mistakes and money down the drain. but thats okay, lesson learned right? well, not quite, but thats okay! :)

today i was suppose to have my toe cut open and have most of the nail taken off, but, at spur of the moment cancelling, i decided to stay in my bathroom and do it myself. (ouch!)

so, i thought i'd treat myself to a book, chinese food, and sewing. pure bliss. and thats basically all it takes to make me happy. 

but guess what, this headband only cost me about $1.50, and it looks like so...

...except i'm going to not be cool and get a fancy picture like this. well, because, i have better things to do. thats whats pinterest for, duh. 

anyways. i didn't know life could be so splendidly great. 
thats all. :)

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  1. Love the headband! Still can't believe you performed surgery on your toe!


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