Tuesday, August 28, 2012

To the Rescue

I couldn't put it done at first. But now that it has been read cover to cover. I want to open it up and read it again. Over the course of a month, I read the 528 pages detailing an elect individual's life as an Apostle and Prophet of God. The lessons so abundantly taught by President Thomas S. Monson's example changed my life. 

I won't remember every oral-account that was told, or every act of service he did, but I will remember wanting to love everyone alittle more, be a little kinder to those i meet, share the gospel to all, and be more like my Savior, Jesus Christ. 

This biography, only 3 pages shy of replicating the same number of pages as the Book of Mormon, gives you a pretty good idea of the kind of man, President Monson is and was. His life is evidence that Heavenly Father uses individuals to answer the prayers of His people. His life is also evidence that he was always worthy to have the Holy Ghost with him to prompt him, and to recognize others needs. 

The question I ask myself now is, "therefore what____?" What am I going to do now, now that I've completed this book, gained new insights, and learned new principles. Am I going to sin more? No. Therefore what will i do each day.....

I hope each day i'll be trying alittle harder, to be alittle better. I hope I'll never be quick to judge, or be one speak ill of others. Thats what President Monson would have done. He cares so intently for the one individual, that in turn, it has blessed thousands and thousands of people, as generations and generations have come from that one individual he blessed. 

Thanks President Monson, my friend. 


  1. Therefore what makes me think of Brother Griffin! :) I like you. Thanks for this post.

    1. maybe because i got it from him! :) haha

  2. That is so cool you read it all! I totally want to read it now!.......


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