Thursday, August 2, 2012

i've got a big secret

 I'd like to say that I am so glad I am officially the third-wheel in this relationship. I've waited all my life for this title and position. Truly, couldn't be more proud.
Everyone--meet Austin. Austin--meet everyone.
Good. Now that we have settled that, lets get down to business.

My friends, we (Julia and I), wanted to introduce you to Austin Doutre, who hails from the rainy city of Puyallup, Washington. Don't know where that is, me either, its about 45 minutes away from Seattle. I have only known him for about 4 hours, but, Julia, well, she's known him a bit longer than that. You might as well just call him, her Special Friend. Thats how they like to refer to each other.

I'll let Julia give all the juicy details of how they met, because thats what you really want to hear right? Well, unfortunately, she's in Chicago right now, doing really great things with a program through BYU-Idaho to help inner-city teen girls who struggle with self esteem, and eating disorders. (go julia)

In the mean time, can I share with you a bit of news.
I've been home for a week now--and its been great!

Somethings I've managed to do....
--go on a run and not only get cussed out by boys, but also witness some drug consumption taking place.
--go on another run in Washington and....well, get lost in a neighborhood, couldn't find where my sister lived, and broke out crying like a baby, and yes, i'm nearly 20 years old. please, don't judge. it was a valuable life lesson learned that day!
--be sick for about 3 of those days. (wahoo!)
--go to Saturday Market in Downton Gresham--looking artsy too, and eating at a Lebanase restaurant--we might've taken our bread with us when we weren't suppose to. Thanks mere and bryan for the meal.  After all, the stipulation was, if mere and bryan (mostly bryan) could make fun of me as much as they wanted, i didn't have to pay for the meal. bring it. anytime. i can take it :)
--go to the YSA ward and Walters Hill ward. All i have to say is, i sure love hearing a baby cry again.
--got a sweet novel of a letter from my camper, heidi. told you i had the best summer job.
--and lastly, whipped up a few sewing projects here and there. oh how i missed the sweet hum of that machine.
Heidi, this is for you!

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