Friday, July 27, 2012

Terrie in B21

Greetings from the land of overcast, nike, hybrids, and hippies. 
you know, it feels great, in case you were wondering.

I had a very low key trip. It helped that my level of coherentness was down to nothing, as I had three hours of sleep and no food. I was basically feeling all systems go at this point.

I think I have an easier time making friends in random places--that you'll never see again--then people in my ward or school. I just like talking. I met a very nice lady named Terrie. As she sat doing her suduko puzzle, you would never have known the life she experienced. Single mother, two jobs, no help from government, ran her own restaurant--even when all her cooks quit, put her sons through college, travels on her own, and loves to drink coffee. Terrie and I departed seperate ways. She to Canada. Me to Oregon. I didn't get to talk to much about the church with her, but as we came upon common grounds, hopefully, she'll remember the college mormon girl in the terminal.

Home still smells the same.
And I still go to the fridge and pantry and continue to pick my jaw off the floor. Food, glorious food.

Its nice to walk the halls again where you tricker-treated on Sunday Halloween nights, or where you hid for endless games of Sardines, or the piano that you never left--and often feel asleep at, or the kitchen table for mush and scriptures every morning.

I'm home.

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