Monday, July 23, 2012

helping the "one"

My paycheck barely pays the bills. And in reality, I have not made a profit this summer. But, the real paycheck comes when I see my heart changed, when I see a tear wiped away, and a new friend made. 
(okay, i know it sounds cheesy, but i'm trying to write like President Monson does, okay?)

I've always read about searching out for the "one". Helping the "one". But I never seemed to find the "one". It wasn't until this evening. I had made a phone call to my mother, which might have been by chance, or it might have been the answer to a 16 year old girls prayer. After I hung up on the phone, I decided to walk a different path back to my chair instead of the one I had previously took. This lead me to walk behind a building and around a fence. I almost opened my book to read, without looking up. However, before I did, I heard a faint sound of a cry. Sitting on a small stone was a soccer girl, trying to hide her face in her shirt as she cried and cried, trying to hold it in and still breathe. I asked her if she was okay? She wasn't…and anyone would know that. I asked her if she'd like to go on a walk with me. she didn't respond, so I then said, "will you come on a walk with me?" in a sincere soft tone. 

I soon began asking her questions, wondering how I could possibly help her. I noticed the stains of mascara on her shoulder sleeve. Her hair just a little more frazzled, and a heart beat that wouldn't slow down from the sadness. I've known how she has felt before. We talked some more. A laugh or two was made. A smile spread more permanently on her face, as I kept my arm around her shoulder as we walked around the area. 

Within our five minute walk, I bore testimony to her of my faith in Jesus Christ, that He knows what we are going through, because He's over come all. I told her, that I too have felt so lonely inside, like no one knows I exist, and told her, all I could do was pray, and she could too. 

This experience taught me two valuable lessons. 
In John 6, we read of when Christ feeds the 5,000 with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes. Most people say the miracle is found in how the food was distributed for all to eat, however, I find the true miracle in that Christ asked his disciples to go pick up every last fragment that was found. As the disciples did so, they therefore filled 12 basket full of fragments. 
I believe if the Creator, Himself was so concerned with even the smallest morsels of bread, then how much a even greater concern He must have for His precious children He loves so dearly. 

I walked with that child of God. I wanted so desperately to take her feelings of loneliness and sadness away. i wanted to replace her feelings with happiness and joy. I made this walk with her, and it reminded me of the walks with Christ that we go on. I couldn't take that feeling away with her, but Christ could. Christ walks with us each step of the way. And when we think we are alone, in reality, we never are. 

This was just a real life experience to me of something I have learned so much about in the scriptures, that I finally feel so grateful I was able to experience. 


  1. Emily, you're awesome! It's nice when the Lord puts you in the right place at the right time, huh? Great thoughts on the loaves and fishes stories...I'll have to notice that more.


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