Friday, July 20, 2012

because THEY'RE my favorite

i know its bad to have favorites. but, i just couldn't resist. these have been some of my favorite people i have met this year. so, i thought i'd introduce you to them. 

this is week 2. 14-15 year olds. we partied it up at the dance like stars. 

being a counselor means i get to go to 7 peaks every single week....for sue me. its the best. i still have never waited in line for any of those ridicuously long lines, but oh well. 

After 7 Peaks (water park), we always wait in line for the celestial substance i like to call Snow Cones. these just aren't any snow cones. we're talking, legitamate.

This is a small. Move to Provo for this baby. 
And you know what, shhh, but i get it for FREE too because, why? well, because i'm a counselor thats why! :)

So this is Heidi. My friend, "little sister", and future bridesmaid. I'm so glad I stood in line next to them on the first day. Because well, her, chalene and I became pretty darn good friends. 

These 2 pictures are of my Week 3 girls. And they were WILD. And wild, might just be an understatement. Seriously. We were quite the scenes at Seven Peaks. Ha!

We all had "swagger" names. And...well, naturally, I was Mama Swagz. I hold that title sincerely. 

Sophie. She's a gem. She knows how to wear my sunglasses well. explaination. I was teaching the girls my most seductive look. its working isn't it? ;)

Em, Amanda, Lauren, Jenny

                                  Brooke, Olivia //Eliza & Jenny

Olivia. in her bag. this was 1.5 hours past "lights out". But seriously. How could i resist not having a pizza party with these girls on the last night. I made them sign a contract on a paper towel that they vowed to go to bed at midnight, and that if they didn't, they'd fufill all of my demands, and come to my wedding someday. I don't have proof of it, but they are framing that thing.

These girls are a crack up.
Although I get paid in basically pennies. The true paycheck comes in the final hugs, and waves goodbye. I wont forget a herd of 10 girls running down the hallway after practice to check out and just giving me a huge group hug. They sure know how to make someone feel lucky.
I love my job. 

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  1. FUN! FUN! FUN! That is NOT snow cones. I hate snow cones! That is Hawaiian shaved ice, and I agree, it is divine!!! If I come to camp there can I request you as my counselor? I need you to teach me that seductive face. HAHAHHA!!!


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