Monday, July 9, 2012

there and back again: REXBURG in 24 hrs.

A friend I knew from a previous class posted on facebook that she was making a spontaneous road trip to rexburg for one day and asked if anyone else wanted to come. 
lets say i jumped on it immediately without julia really knowing. 
i called her, and she didn't answer so i texted her:
"call meeeee. its an emergency."
she called back. 

this girl and i left at about 6:30 friday night and arrived around 10:30. 
those 24 hours were filled with more fun than i thought. 
that night, julia and i went to "shake out" a cute dinner down the road. 
one thing I learned in rexburg is that everything that you ever need is within 5 mins walking distance. 
i did my best to see if i could get the cashier to ask me on a date...but, oh well, he missed his chance. julia would confirm the fact that we held up the line quite a bit. 

that night we also skyped with Julia's "McDreamy" Austin Doutre, and his sister Cami, who i'm already BFF's with. They are pretty elite individuals and it was so fun to sort of "meet them".

I forgot to bring a pillow and didn't bother to bring a change of clothes, so using my often used tactic--my backpack became my pillow, until julia insisted I used hers. She used her coat. But hey, she got the bed, i got the couch--we're even. 

The next day, we were able to attend cousin Jamie Smith's Harp recital,  tour campus (thanks jules!), and then meet up with the Smith's again for lunch at Pizza Pie Cafe--it was delectable in every way!
We had to go back to campus because I accidentally left my moleskin day planner at the bookstore--and sure enough some one turned it in. On the inside cover I wrote, "If Found, Reward will be......" and I inserted the words "My Love". The man who found it, didn't claim his prize. (thankfully). 

I was also able to visit with a good friend since Elementary school, Laurelea O'Halloran. Its so interesting to see at this point in our lives, I have a permanent mental image of her always reading a book in 5th grade--and look here we are on a university campus. I suppose the shock of me growing up, still hasn't quite hit. 

Julia and I talked for the rest of the time and began playing "nerts" with her roommates and HTs. Funny enough, Stefan--a friend from Mt. Hood YSA, and his twin brother were going door to door, asking for Lacrosse sign ups, so it was good to visit and chat with them. 

Around 10:30 my friend came and picked me up and we headed back to provo. I can't say I was thrilled to come back....but it is good at the same time. My ride, hannah, and I always had something to talk about which was good because it kept us both awake. At about 1am, we pulled into an abandoned gas station to shut our eyes for a few minutes, until i was woken up with the brightest lights ever in my rear view mirror. A police officer parked behind us, and checked us--he thought we were drunk or something, but assured him we were just on our way back to provo. that really woke us up for sure. Luckily, we made it back home safely, and it was the most fun I've had in a 24 hour trip. 
Thanks julia for letting me spend it with you! :) 
Julia gave the closing prayer at a cool is that!?

The I-CENTER! Woot!

its not everyday, you are in a bookstore and find a book with your sister in law as an author. 

The "crossroads" cafeteria--like the Cannon Center. Everything here, is just like 10x nicer.


  1. I had SOOOOO MUCH FUN BUBS!!!!! Thanks for coming! I loved it.

  2. What a fun spontaneous trip!! That I center looks sweet. So did the tour of campus convinc you to transfer?

  3. Really awesome! There was one detail in particular that shocked me so much that I just had to text you right in the middle of reading this! WOW! I'm glad you are coming home soon cuz girl we need to talk.
    Also, Lily super misses you.
    And...I am so glad you girls pulled over to shut your eyes. That is a sure sign of maturity and smarts.


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