Saturday, July 7, 2012

the missing answer to my question

the human life is made up of many choices.

Yes, No.
Up, Down.
Left, Right.

And there are some more important decisions.

Love, Hate.
Happiness, Sorrow.
Acting, or Be Acted Upon.

I'm facing a tricky decision right now. Its one that takes much thought, consideration, opinions, ideas, and more and more prayers. the Lord definitely wants me to begin climbing this mountain.

Some days, I wish, this is a decision where I could go to the lucky 8 ball and it would spit out my future. However, I don't have such luck, nor do I honestly want that answer--I am grateful for the opportunity to stretch, grow, and more fully rely on my Heavenly Father for that needed guidance and advice.

This decision (whether to remain at BYU, or transfer to BYU-Idaho) is not the end of the world, by any means, however, it is a very life altering decision that could change the course of my life in my different ways.

I have been in a university setting for year and a half (school wise), but one full calendar year. In that amount of time, I have almost completed all my generals, yet with not even a lick of an idea of what I would like to major in.

Heck, I wonder if I even know myself.
I couldn't tell you how I like my eggs.
I know that I would rather date words then boys.
I feel married to my computer.
I am not a runner.
I do find satisfaction in checking the mail every day, even if it is only rent or utilities, welcoming me.
I am the youngest of 9--i know that for sure.
But do I know much of my potential, dignity, abilities, and interests?
I feel my friends, family, and acquantieis and most especially my Father in Heaven know me a great deal more than I know myself.

So while I proactively work to solve this problem.
A big fatty question mark will hang over my head like a rainy cloud.
But even if I do not know the meaning of all things, I know that God loveth His Children. (1 Nephi 11:17)

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  1. Oh Emily....we all have been in your shoes. Life is tough especially when we have to make life alternating decisions like this. I am happy to give advice if you want to hear it. I know your answers will be answered as you continue doing what you are already doing like praying, studying scriptures and attending the temple. Good luck Ems! Love ya!!


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