Thursday, July 5, 2012

the independence day

first i have to say, fourth of july is pretty anti-climatic when you are in college.
last year, i sat on the grass and ate cupcakes with my friends. then sat on the roof of some random persons house that night to watch fireworks.
so this year, was alittle better.
I'm still sick, so i still spent most of the day in bed, but i was a productive individual and did my laundry and reorganized all drawers--just because I was bored.
Hannah, my roommate, and I (the only one without plans ;) decided to make our own "j-dawgs" since they were such a hit at our Lewis Reunion. I feel so lucky with the roommates I got this year. It was like providential.
After our J-dawgs, we went to the apartment complex across the street and watched fireworks. Then a few of us walked up to campus to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks from the Hinckley building.
Holy Cow. Why pay for tickets, when you are closer to the fireworks there than you are in the stadium. They launch the fireworks off from the field of the track (just to think, i was suppose to be in Helaman halls last night for Sports Camp--that would have been really fun to try to sleep through) so we were so close you could feel the sound in your chest.

I feel so sad that I didn't get sing any Patriotic Hymns, or see a flag raising, or go to a church event, or even the Corbett Parade! A family tradition of going to the tiny town of Corbett to watch the parade and usually go to Multnomah Falls afterwards or somewhere in the gorge....i miss it!

I'll be seeing my family here in 3 weeks though....and I already feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

Happy Independence Day!

snipit of July 2011.


  1. No way! 4th of July in Provo is the BEST. You must have not of gone downtown, that's where the party BEGINS. ha no not really, mostly it's just a bunch of college kids dressed to the nines (read: toooo trendy) and college kids with too much time on their hands. It is actually pretty fun though, everyone is camping out and this year they had a little bike gang going on with music blasting and everything. I got to say, I'm jealous of your J-Dawgs though. That just oned up my downtown idea big time.

  2. I love the 4th of July parade in Provo!!! You should go to it next year. It's not small town like Corbett, but still awesome. They have things like missionaries from the MTC walking in it. How cool is that? I get teary eyed at parades when the flag passes, war veterans march, and missionaries come down in mass while carrying their scriptures and waving with huge smiles. Yep, I get emotional for sure.
    Also, we make our own J-dawgs here at home ALL the time! Delicious!!!


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