Monday, July 2, 2012

its not so bad...

you don't really realize how pretty darn great life is until you are confined to a bed a bit longer than you wanted to be. it sucks, believe me. oh, and this is one of those things you shouldn't try at home, friends.

drinking, yawning, talking, coughing, breathing, and swallowing are just ridiculously difficult. i have HFMD, which i probably got from my nephews--but heck, hugging them and kissing i could become their favorite aunt, let me tell you, SO WORTH IT. kids are the best. :)
i'm not saying this to complain by any means. rather, it has taught me a great lesson. i mean how often do you and actually think about doing those actions before we do them? never right? but now every time i do them, its extremely painful, and it has made me realize how grateful I am for our bodies and how they work so perfectly without us even noticing.

we have it so good--but we don't even stop to realize it.

we all could have it a lot worse.
not being able to pick up a child because we could lose our balance, or we have burnt hands.
we might have to rely on someone to help us walk, or use the bathroom. we might not be able to recognize the face of a loved one--or hear what was said. we could be living off of a machine unable to move.

so basically, this was me, saying, knock it off emily, you don't have it so bad after all. you are lucky really to be alive everyday. I know that no lasting illness will ever permantely effect my body--and for that, I am so grateful.

so since you are living to read this...i quote President Monson.
"The bottom line of living, is giving."


  1. So I didn't even know what Hand, foot and mouth was until I started working at a daycare and we had an outbreak, that thing is VICIOUS! Sorry it got you.

  2. ALL my girls have that right now. Bleh, it sucks. I'm sorry bubs.

  3. Yeah, HFMD is the worse! I thought I had it just this week, but luckily I don't!


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