Saturday, June 30, 2012

happily drugged up

I know have a greater understanding of what the term 'drugged up' means. Also, did you wake up this morning hoping to get your blood drawn? Because i sure did.... :)
Well, i've been on and off sick for the past 2 weeks and it was time to take some action to get better (besides Reliv which helped a ton). And this was the 2nd time visiting the doctors in a week. Yikes!

After visiting Urgent Care today, she gave me a lengthy list of prescriptions and high doses of pain killers.

naseau medicine--every 6 hrs
new antibiotics--4 times a day
800mg Ibuprofen--every 4 hours
1000mg tylenol--every 2 hours
other antibiotics--2 times a day

the only positive side to any of this...the pharmacist was cute, no wedding ring, and went to BYU. check, check, and check.

 I obviously know how to get blood drawn in style! Charlie Brown band-aids for life!
And by the look of all the medicine bottles, I look and feel like an old grandma. My life rocks.
I think the Lord is trying to teach me some sort of lesson here......appreciate each day alittle more!


  1. I'm glad you blog even when you are so sick. :) Hope you get better soon.

  2. Yeah seriously, you blog even when you feel awful! That makes you really awesome!


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