Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bear Lake: Vaca-Heaven

The past week has probably been the best week this whole year. And the simply equation to the answer of the best week is....FAMILY.

I feel so blessed and honored to be apart of my family.
When I am with my family, I truly feel that the organization of a family is ordained of God.
I think I have my greatest moments of change when I am around my family.

For a few days we were so lucky to stay in a wonderful cabin--this was the first time we'd all be together (except for Meredith's husband, Bryan).
2 Parents
9 children
7 spouses
19 grandchild

It made for a very full house--but we actually were able to ALL fit comfortably, which is rare to find these days.

We went to Garden City in Bear Lake. We went to the beach, rented wave runners, played games, made an emergency trip to the doctors, ate dinner with all the Smith cousins, played Wii, BBQ, read books with kids on the porch swing, and ate lots of chocolate. Its the perfect recipe for a perfect vacation.
This is one of my dear Managers, Mandy....she picked my application w/o knowing me, and honestly, we instantly became friends. she is the funniest person you'll meet and i've met alot of funny people. 

We had a "talent-show" at our reunion...Notre Dame's never been prouder. We had to bring the catholics into our Mormon reunion somehow...

     since I lacked in the talent part--mine was a "no-talent-talent show"and i gave my sales pitch to my brother 

This kid wore this to bed/day time everyday without fail--even with the cape. 

This is the "behind the scenes" of a family picture taking extravanganza.

But in the works out :)

the 9 lined up...oldest to youngest

Grandma and Papa couldn't have been happier than with their 19 grandchildren surrounding them. 

Julia and I felt it was time to update the blog with some "updated" photos of us.

Another "behind the scenes" picture--this was what it took and more to get the kids to smile.
Honestly, you would have never known that any of these men ALL have their masters or actively working towards PhD from the look of this picture.....

I finally met my twin nieces Ruby and Norah (seen in picture), for the very first time. They'll be 2 in November. 

I really really really like her kids.....

The view.....that I would love to look at for the rest of my life. 

Up next....the BIG Lewis Reunion.....

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