Friday, July 13, 2012

on the friday the 13th of emily.

I dare another week of my life to be as worthwhile as this one. Fun as it was, I hope it's a long time before one beats it. 

it was a great week at sports camps. it was fun, relaxing, and different. just a good spice of my week.

would you think less of me if i told you i didn't put on make up until 4pm today.
or i didn't eat real food until 8pm at night.

i also watch three consecutive episodes of Psych. its great. (don't judge, it was my day off, with no plans). i also spent an hour making a video of lots of different pictures. but frankly now, i'm just too embarrassed to post it. so if you ever see it appearing on the blog, you know my confidence was really high that day.

i'll be returning to my homeland, the exotic land of tree huggers, hippies (and druggies), columbia and nike everything land, in exactly 14 days. hallelujah.

i made my first public appearance in spandex. did you just gasp. i stood in front of the mirror for a good five minutes giving myself a pep talk. it also helped that my other two roommates also went in such attire. i asked them if i looked like a 14 year old. they replied, no, you look like a college girl on her period. and i responded, well, thats accurate, so lets go.

and now, to finalize the evening, i'm going to the dollar theatre with my roommate Jordan.
and it better meet its expectations of being the dumbest worst movie. "the lucky one".

and on a entirely different note. i'm providing you with the cutest picture of my nephew Christian. what a stud. see, now you are smiling, aren't you?
ciao baby.

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  1. HAHAHAHA!!!! You look like a college girl on her period? Too funny!!! This whole post was so classic Emily. I loved it!


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