Saturday, July 14, 2012

lessons from Grandma Lewis

There are two women in this world that I revere and admire far more than anyone else. My mother, Vivienne and my grandmother Myreel Lewis. They both fill my books as the woman I want to become.       They both have accomplished so much with their lives, both served mission, raised children, served in various demanding church callings, exceptional visiting teachers, outstanding wives, and absolutely perfect mothers. As the saying goes, I would like to stand upon the shoulders of those that have gone before me.

Asking Grandma lots of questions.  June 28, 2012
This last Malin Lewis Reunion I attended was particularly important to me. I wanted to spend as much time as I could being with Grandma. Unfortunately, for her, she had to sucomb to my journalist inquisitive mind where I asked question after question, digging deeper into the realm of her life. It was fascinating and made me continue to love and appreciate her.

My grandmother is a woman of tradition and class. Without fail, she will dress in her pearls and a skirt, everyday. Years ago, she met with the teenagers at a Family Reunion, and prior to the reunion had sent out small books to keep with us wherever we were to record the tender mercies that the Lord had blessed us with. After sharing for  a bit, we had a testimony meeting.

It was a sweet moment, when I grabbed Grandma's shoulders and whispered in her ear, that I was leaving right then and heading back to Provo. She looked me in the eyes and said, "Always live the Gospel, do what is right, and it will always work it out. Don't ever be worried."

There is so much wisdom and knowledge in this woman, I have asked her to keep living as long as she can for my sake. I've told her time and time again, that she is the one person I want most to be at my Temple Wedding. I would love that more than anything.

If there is anything I ever learned from Grandma, it is that she loves the Lord. She loves this gospel, and she loves her family. I never had to wonder where she stood in her testimony with the church, she has always been a stalwart member and disciple. She has influenced thousands of lives with her constant missionary work, her obedience to callings and commandments and her love for every individual the same. My grandmothers heart has been refined and purified over her life time, that I consider her a very angel. I am so honored to be a descendent of this marvelous woman. She always made time for me. She lived a life a worthy one I can definitely learn from.

I love you Grandma.

Grandma Lewis and I at Crismon and Danielle's wedding in Las Vegas, NV. December 16, 2012.


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