Sunday, July 15, 2012

a slice of han, em, and jo.

its july 15th. today was the first day for the Miss Emily Lewis to ever in the history wear eyeliner. gasp.
you would think after 19.5 years, this event would have occurred by now, but nope, you were wrong. 

on july 14th, i got to meet up with one of my most favorite individuals, hero, and examples. Mrs. Michelle Linton.  She was visiting in Utah and came to BYU to show her kids and say hi! It was such a fun outing to have her answer my questions and have her give me such great advice and council. For years she lived in Gresham, which meant I got to babysit her kids, hang out with her, stay at the house when my parents were out of town, etc. She became like a sister to me. I'm so lucky she is my cousin. I wish everyone I know could meet her, she makes me want to be better. 

later that night, I went to see "The Amazing Spiderman" with my roommate Jordan ( i know, 2 movies in 2 days, at least one of them was at the dollar theatre). All i have to say was, it was way way way good. go see for yourself. 

on july 13th, well....we already talked about that

and lastly, you've probably gotten familiar with my roommates on here, but here is proof. sadly, i might have to leave these 2 come january if I attend byu-idaho. 
so i'll leave you with something cute....
han. em. jo.


  1. HEY! I am SO jealous that you got to hang out with Michelle!!! I seriously have day dreamed about hanging with her. I miss her so much. She is truly a good and wonderful friend and person.


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