Monday, June 11, 2012

a round of applause for em

Life Lesson 101: never own a credit card. Ever. The End.

Words you never want to hear from your roommate: 

Me: "Have you seen my bread that was sitting on top of the microwave"
Roommate: "Uhhmm...i found bread on top of the microwave with mold on it."
Me: "No i'm pretty sure mine was good..."
Roommate: "What kind was it."
Me: "Some white bread...." (for the record mom, i never ever eat white bread, but only when given to me for free--like Crismon and Danielle did last week! ;)
Roommate: "Oh yeah, it definitely had black mold on the bottom and white mold of the top. I threw it out today."
Roommate: "When was the last time you ate it?"
Me: "This morning, and every day before that...."

sick. i think i'm going to go throw up now.....

those are the words you want to hear when you are in the grit of finals. looks like i'll be making a "graham-cracker-sandwich" tomorrow, because thats all i own....


  1. hahaha I love this! I TOLD you you can use some of my bread :)

  2. It's moldy cause you keep it on top of the fringe, the fridge is warm therefor a perfect incubator for mold.... i learned that lesson in college too :)


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