Wednesday, June 13, 2012 for your lives

its finals week, can you tell?

Just kidding...this is all because there was a RS activity...and somehow we got stuck with all of it. Are we complaining? Yes....but secretely not. We all know that.

This is a monumental week:

  1. I got my 5th BYU job. can you guess? I will be a Religion TA this Fall for my absolute favorite teacher, Brother Griffin. 
  2. After tomorrow I will have finished a year and a half at BYU. Are you still shocked, yeah, i'm still re-reading that sentence over and again. 
  3. I made a new friend this week. And you should do. This is all it takes: saying "hello."
  4. I get to see my mom & dad for the 4th time in a year next week.
  5. Friday is my absolute LAST day at the MTC. Which is really sad considering i've been there for a year. I'm truly going to miss my coworkers and friends. 


  1. Actually your title should be "men....come mooch at our apt"
    Do you know how many guys would flock to your apt if they saw that stash!

    1. and this is really meredith. I forgot I was logged in as bryan


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