Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Julia!

To the sister I love so dearly, 

Happy Birthday. 

Did I ever tell you how much I love you? 
YOU, Julia Delon Lewis are a one of a kind girl. In the 19 years I have known you, I have spent 16 of those years living with you--and 14 of those years sharing a room with you. So naturally, I love you alot. 
I don't know if you remember, but, when we were little, I wanted to do and be exactly like you. Even when I wore the same clothes as you, you didn't make me change. Or when I insisted on playing with your friends--you never made me leave. Or those times when you wanted to have a birthday lunch with mom, and I just wanted to come, you let me. You are the definition of a selfless, caring, virtuous, happy woman. You make everyone want to be better. You inspire love, charity and evoke peace and calmness where ever you go. There is no doubt why I wanted to be like you in every way growing up---and guess what, I still want that. 

I learned lessons from you, Julia, that have shaped who I am becoming. 
Because we shared a room (and even bed) for so many years, I have come to see the character you have within you that others don't see. They never say you kneel by your bed so diligently every night offering prayers. They never saw that you often went to the hallway to read your scriptures because I wanted to sleep rather than read. They never saw that you never complained about my messes, or my complainants. They never saw that you always wrote in your journal at night. They never saw that I would make you stay home and hang out with me and watch movies with, and then would wake me up to go to bed since I always fell asleep on the couch. At any time of the day I have never heard you speak ill of others. I never hear you complain--you love yourself, which is one of the things I admire most about you. Every time I call you, you are either in the Temple, in class, in the library, at work, or talking to Austin. You surround yourself with good things, and good people. 

You taught me to love others. You can love others so much because you love yourself in the most humble way. You have endured much, and i hope this doesn't sound bad, but you taught me so much because of that. You showed me how to endure trials, you showed me that they can be overcome because of the help that Jesus Christ offers us. Despite the mountains, hills, and bumps in life, your testimony has never been shaken. Your testimony is a living witness of your love and devotion to Christ and this true gospel. Your love for the scriptures and the gospel inspires me. There is no question why I always called you for spiritual thoughts, talks, and devotionals--they were just apart of who you are. 

You are the brightest person I know. 
And I want you to also know that I love you like a best friend and sister. 
 I think i share more memories with you, then anyone else on this earth. 
The hardest time in my life will be when you will get married. It will be the happiest and saddest time at the same time. I am enjoying whatever time I have left with you--as just my sister. I love you julia!




  1. Amen to everything Emily said!! Love ya! Happy birthday Jules

  2. Bubs!!! Thank you so much for this!! You are so wonderful and I'm so grateful to have you as a sister. Thanks for lots of laughs and smiles you bring into my life! I love YOU!!

  3. Julia is an ANGEL! I love her, too! What good truly know her the most!I'm thinking she's not going to be single much


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