Friday, June 1, 2012

happy june first

we grew up and became adults. when did that happen?
life after training bras and braces is past and we can't stop moving forward.

responsibility has suffocated around me, and each day new pressure added on to our life.

Today is June 1st. The year is half over.
The question I asked myself, roommates, and co-workers: What have you done with half of your year?

Sort of a daunting questions huh? Have these last 6 months been in vain? Or have they been spent serving one another, lifting someone else, enjoying, loving, and caring for a child, did you drink deeply and constantly from the scriptures and the words of the prophet and apostles, did you change a habit, did you resolve to do something better in your life, did you make goals and achieve them?
What did you do with your six months.

I admit, I too have slacked on some of my goals and ambitions...but why quit now? We still have 6 more months--of time that is not left--but time that is given. This is not my time nor your time. It is the Lord's time. We don't want to waste his time do selfish, unproductive labors that never bring us closer to Him. So i resolve now to spend the time i have been given always in the service of God.

What are you doing with the time that is given?

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