Wednesday, May 30, 2012

something you should know

so i have a small confession to tell you.
i like to give myself one simple pleasure a day.
 i use to think semi-sweet chocolate chips were my simple pleasure--
but that has just become part of my regular diet.

so...i treat myself every few days to a nutter butter.
with my discount i can get a small package for exactly 57 cents
at the byu bookstore.

You'll remember the Summer of 2010 when I had a superb chaco tan
its pretty grand. they just make me feel like a kid again because, well, we never really got them. and it was always a luxury if we ever did get them. it was like a "oh you got a bee sting and a bird popped on you in the matter of 10 minutes" here are some nutter butters.

on another note...i want to introduce you to my best friends. Sanuk. They are one of the greatest creations.  I feel they were worth every penny. The part where your foot is....yeah its made out of yoga mats, so its basically 100% comfort the entire time. Jealous, right? Well....i wear them alot, which is probably an understatement. But it looks like this summer, I won't be getting a chaco tan after all....rather a Sanuk tan!


  1. Bryan's going to hate me for looking at your blog because now I wanna buy your shoes and your straightner!!!!!

  2. Great, I just bought some Chaco's the other day thinking that now I'll fit in with the rest of my sisters and their Chaco's, but it looks like I'm (once again) behind the times :)

    1. Ondy, I'm still wearing Chacos...we'll still be buddies.

  3. Ems, i laughed at the nutbutter luxury funny! Those do look comfy!


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