Sunday, May 27, 2012

for the future mr.

Dear Future Mr. Husband,

I am pre-warning and apologzing now, that I will mostly burn food--unfortunately more often than not. And if you really get sick of burnt food, then we'll probably eat alot of sandwhiches. And when i say "alot" consider that everyday. And....when you get sick of that, well, i'll show you how when you add frozen semi-sweet chocolate chips to everything, it is miraculously ten times better. Don't ask how, just do.

I'll also introduce you to this fancy thing called, frozen chicken tenders, boxed pasta noodles, and canned pineapple, i know, i know, talk about gourmet, but I tell ya, I can put some mean basil on that grilled chicken. It will most likely rival your mothers homemade chicken. ;)

And to top it off. We might just be that weird mormon couple that takes pictures of their food. What do you say, eh? We'd be a perfect match.

Don't worry, I shall serve you grown-up food on a kids plate. Its working well for me anyways.

Until then,
Miss Domesticity


  1. Um, we re one of those weird Mormon couples that take pictures of our food, so sue us.
    And I love your hair by the way!!

  2. LOL! Meredith just said everything I was going to say! Yeah, we're weird and Mormon - we take pictures of food! AND... I LOVE your hair! You look gorgeous so who cares if you burn food. Your hubs won't mind, because you are lookin' good while you do it!

  3. Your hair is always so cute! At the reunion you will have to give a class on doing hair.


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