Wednesday, May 16, 2012

why my life should be a book

its May 16th, 2012.

I've had a real treat of a day.

Sometimes I play a constant commentary in my head of things happening. I found that especially during high school when I was constantly doing journalism, I would think as if I was writing a news or feature story in that sort of tone. I'm pretty sure my life stories could be written in a form of a would either be the top selling book--or it would just be a manuscript that the editor wanted to burn to ash.

Here is a story today that I would have added to that book:
After my class and lunch today, I had about thirty minutes to spare. So....doing what I always dream of doing...I took a nap before I had to leave for work on the grass outside the Wilkinson Center. After 20 minutes of being in a nice slumber and enjoying the not to cold-not to hot-just perfect for a light jacket-sort of weather, I was gently (or lack thereof) awakened by the sprinklers surround the perimeter of the grass. Why did I set an alarm clock on my phone when you have sprinklers to wake you up.

I immediately sat up, trying to grab my backpack and shoes to run off the grass when I see the grounds crew man who turned on the sprinklers just smile and wave to me. Thank you kind sir for your ever so thoughtful warning that you never dare mention to me. Why don't I offer my whole heart of love in behalf of your generous warning.

It probably didn't help that my hair was still wet from my morning shower hours earlier.
But it continues to get better.

I am walking to work now, and this car pulls up to the side of me, for about 2 seconds i was hoping it was going to be an attractive male species inside the car offering me a ride, but instead it was a woman about 28ish. She was asking me where something was located....and I slyly offered that I would be happy to show her precisely where it was because i was headed in the same direction! ;) So i got a free ride to work, which ended up being a tender mercy. She too happened to study communications at BYU and Purdue and she told me lots of good nuggest of information--so i was really excited to hear about it.

Anyways....I am tuckered out, entirely. And now, because of inventory at work, I have to be there way to early for the good of man I'll be back later.

p.s. You know Jack Waylend....the author of "Charly" and "Sam" and "Adam"....well, he is in the MTC right now with his wife. And not only did I put their missionary packet together last week, I also got to be their cashier. I just wanted to shake his hand and say....i'm a sucker for your books, thank you for winning my heart! :) but...alas, i didn't. Perhaps if I work up my 20 seconds of insane courage one day...i'll do it. :)

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  1. Man, you meet all sorts of cool people at your job! So awesome!!!


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