Saturday, May 12, 2012

a pensive mood

Sometimes I like to use really big words to feel extra intelligent then...i wonder if i've actually used them correctly in the sentence. However, I just wanted to write down a few thoughts i've had recently.

1. I'm too poor to buy a garbage can. So, going back to my Oregonian roots, I like to think I am good at "reducing, reusing, and recycling." I could work on the reducing part. But I am really good at the reusing--just as my sister how often i do laundry. Or...for example, I currently use a cardboard box (with a plastic bag liner--go figure) as my garbage can because i got the box from amazon when i ordered shoes ;)

this has nothing to do with points 1 or 2...but...this is my favorite bookmark....

2. Growing up I always had the hardest time keeping my bed made. I knew how to make it...but when I knew it wouldn't stay pretty for very long, well, wheres the fun in making your bed. So maybe I'm just 19 years behind everyone on this...but heres my trick, and i'll testify that this has kept my bed made longer in the past 1 month then my entire lifetime. Tuck the sheets of course on all paramaters of the bed, but the bedspread--heres the trick. You only tuck it on the outside--the side that is not against the wall. Tuck that sucker in tight, and then you can just whip the cover from side to side without having to "remake" the bed everyday. yeah....that probably didn't make any sense. but i got really excited when i figured it out.

Now for some thoughts on spiritual aspects of our lives....

3. Many of you know I would love to become a seminary teacher someday. I have read, re-read, and re-read talks, blogs, articles everything on how to be a better person--so you can become a better teacher. I don't have to look far to find some of the most outstanding teachers I've father and mother. They had two different teaching styles but always taught me a breadth and depth of knowledge that was incomparable. One thing I have been--and i'll insert 'trying'--to do lately is to keep on hand some "talks" or "lessons" or "spiritual thoughts" I could give, if called upon at the last minute. I write a basic outline on a small pieces of paper that i keep in the back cover of my scriptures. On the basic topics--faith, charity, service, happiness, etc. That most important part though is a personal experience...I've been trying to take note of these experiences that happen in my life so that if I serve a mission, I can have a personal experience that'll coincide with some of the topics in Preach My Gospel. I also like this, because as you write a basic outline, you can see how over the years you have grown by adding different thoughts, more meaningful experiences, and a greater spiritual knowledge on the topics.

(one more quick thought on scripture study...i saw a sister missionary carrying a book around about scripture study....i was fascinated by it, looked it up on amazon and thought....i've got to find this book another way, i can't afford it. well thanks to google, i found it on the Maxwell Institute of Religion. Not sure if you need a byu id to access it...but if you are interested, see here.)

4. Finally...prayer. Something I am always striving to work to be better at. Its something I've done more than once for 19 years...yet, I am still not perfect at it. I love that at the end of my Living Prophets class, Brother Richardson always says "don't forget to say your prayers" and reminds us to never cut that communication off with our Heavenly Father. When the night comes, I'm tired, wanting to climb into bed--and let the natural man within me win--that I really remember I need to say my prayers. Lately I have posted a sticky note with personal thoughts, trials, goals, ideas, questions, decisions I am facing that I want to discuss in my prayers. I find this as a way to remind myself what is going on in my life--be careful not to do it in vain repetition, but having the note of things I want to include in my prayers reminds me even more how much I need prayer in my life.

If any of these were helpful, great...if not, maybe my kids will like them someday. 

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