Friday, May 11, 2012

7 Study Habits of Highly In-Effective College Students

Awhile back, a follower asked me for some advice on what to know before she came to college in a few months...and as flattered as I am...I will never know if she will actually read lets just pretend you could all learn something from this. After all, because i have been in college for about 12 months now--I am all sorts of "all-knowing" so let me tell you everything colleges taught me--and i'll have you know, i'm really good at it too. 

1.  Cram for the test hours before taking it--and even stay up all night if thats what it takes. That way it'll be fresh in your mind.

2. If you are not studying, you are not succeeding. Put school above everything in your life right now--church, service, friends, social life, etc,---nothing else will do good for you, but studying. 

3. Wait until the very last possibly minute to take the test--so preferably at night after a long day of classes and work. You already lost your social life with reason #2, so taking it at night won't be a problem. 

4. Did someone in your class upload a google doc with all the answers for the study-guide? Good, you are in business. Don't waste time looking for the answers yourself, just use their answer guide. And if so, don't even consider going to class, you have all you need on the google doc. 

5. Eat a healthy diet of Gum for lunch if you are poor, its more fulling that you think. And for dinner, have cold raman, because we all know we don't have time or patience to boil water. 

6. Study all by yourself. Don't even think about explaining what you are learning to someone else--whoever thought that was a good idea? You retain the most information by keeping it all to yourself. 

7. Obviously, don't read study tips from other college students blogs on "successful" studying tips.... ;)

I'll finish spring term and let you know the 7 Habits of Highly Effective College come again! 


  1. You cute thing you. Love the blog! Also. this post is basically perfection. I have definitely done all of the above, which is why I'm such an effective student! :P

  2. Wow! I wish I had known this before I went to college! You should write a book, can't wait to hear what an effective college student is!


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