Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5 Reasons Why to Live in a Ghetto Apartment

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if there is a reason why there are still 20 some contracts open at my apartment complex….there has got to be a reason why, and that is why I am here to educate you. :)

1. Dirt Cheap Rent. Literally. 
Comparing the prices among the prices around BYU's slim selection of off campus housing…I pay probably half if not a third of what most other students are paying. Beg to differ? Think again….

2. Expect the Appliances to stop working. 
Fortunately, our fridge and freezer went out on midnight on the beginning of Fast Sunday. (coincident…i think not). However, i paid my civic duty and wanted to fix it….well, frankly because there was ice cream in the freezer and that was something i was not going to let perish. Luckily, my roommate who i thought was asleep came out of her room and she began helping me. We posted a FB message on our ward group page…asking if someone would let us keep our milk, meat, and of course…ice cream in their fridge. We were able to transfer our "goods" at about 1am. So now we fashionably have an orange extension chord stretched from the fridge to an outlet above the counter. rock on.

3. Anti-Theft-Safe Proof Windows
Sunday, all my roommates and I left for about 2 seconds and somehow we locked ourselves out. Hannah, Addison and I only went to go retrieve the food from the guys apartments who's fridge we took over. So…thanks to living in an ghetto apartment, it took about 5 seconds to break into the front window. And then Addison just climbed through and then unlocked the door. So glad to know that our apartment is theft-safe, right? There is a reason why I lived on the third floor last year…and now i'm on the ground level. Awesome. Speaking of the kitchen….our table has 4 chairs to accommodate 6 girls. (someone took Math 110….i swear, the more i think about that…the funnier it gets.)

4. Anti-Batman-Water-Pressure Showers
The most-powerful-water-pressured-shower. Yeah…right. There is a reason why we have 2 bathrooms in our apt…but we can only use one of them. A) Because the shower head literally touches your head when you shower…meaning you are crouching the entire time. (killer leg work out). B) The water pressure sucks to….meaning if you actually want to wash your hair…plan accordingly to take a shower twice as long. Plus…it doesn't help that one of our sinks was out of commission for 2 weeks because it never drained. Or that our toilet had the "runs" for days, because we didn't know how to fix it…but then our friend fixed it in about 2 seconds when we asked….(we're idiots).

5. No freaking Management. 
Why would you want to have management when you could live here…trying call their "emergency" numbers and they STILL don't answer. Or you don't even know how to pay rent…or you didn't even know what apartment you were moving in. I mean, why wouldn't you want to live here? Am I right?

So….take lessons. Ghetto, dirt cheap apartments are the way to go. The lifestyle you learn to live, builds character, strengthens testimonies, and spiritual enlightening. 
yeah, something like that….


  1. Well at least now you have a better excuse for not showering for days (but then again, think of your thunder thighs!) and plus it looks like you're happy with skookies so that's a plus! :)

  2. Ghetto apts truly build character! and makes you appreciate all your other apts after that! :)

  3. Ha! Also, you tend to meet the best people in ghetto places. I don't know what it is, but it seems to me that there are always a high concentration of really great people in ghetto apts!

  4. I agree with Jess! Also, this is all part of your higher education! You will be even more awesome for it!

  5. ah...the life! You'll love sharing these memories later when people ask about worst apartment living situation (although, talk to me sometime and I could tell you some good stories, too). I agree, some of the best people gravitate to ghetto apartments. :) Yay for skookies! I think I need to make those again...


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