Saturday, May 19, 2012

a pretty great friday night

if someone was to ask me how i was doing today, i would surely respond, "I am grateful."

friday morning has now become becca smith's and i, temple attendance time. its the best. i've always loved going to the temple, but the more and more i learn about the temple and the sacredness of it, i want to go back again and again. i read this before going and i highly recommend it.

i came home--and don't hate me mom--but i took a nap. I mean, we go early in the morning--so i felt justified. :) i also went to work, it was Sarah Hayes, a good friend i have made while working there, her last day, as she is soon going on a mission to Denmark.

inaugural first slice of pizza from brick oven.....lets just say it passed my taste buds test with flying colors
on my way home from work, i went to the library, i realized i wasn't going to let my friday night go to waste. so i asked becca if she wanted to do something. we went to the MOA and saw the beautiful "beauty and belief" exhibit on islamism. we got there kind of late, but i could go back again and again. there is so much rich history within those walls. i took 2 classed in the MOA while they went through the ridiculous construction--i feel i should take full advantage of what this museum has to offer.

we made it a date....planned, paired off, and paid its own way. i love hanging out with becca! she is the best best best! we also went to brick oven pizza--for my inaugural first time and i did not leave disappointed at all. i believe i came away with a testimony of how delicious that pizza was. the leftovers in the fridge are just calling my name.

it was interesting though as we were reviewing the check later quite a bit later--after already paying for the meal, we noticed he forgot to add our drinks to the check. we notified him, and he said he would just take care of it, but we insisted and didn't mind paying. after he left i said, "becca we could have gotten off the hook! but....oh well, paying $5 for drinks is a small price to pay for the blessings." it was a moment that i hoped my future posterity would know that i was honesty and had integrity. that i could be an example for one of my children or grandchild. it was a very small act, but i knew that these small acts build our character and our level of obedience. i knew i would miss out on far too much if i didn't obey what i knew was right.

i am surely grateful for my family. i love them all. even when i don't speak to them every day--or even once a month--i just know i love them so much. so, forgive me family if i have forgotten to tell you i love you, because i really, really do. 


  1. Mmmmmm.... Brickoven.... Nom Nom nom... We lived 2 blocks from there, and only ate there once. That's how poor we were. Good times!

  2. brick oven pizza is the best. I miss that place! Becca is great, too! So glad you have a cousin there to hang with!

  3. I love hanging out with Becca too! And you as well. Thanks for the lovely morning!!

  4. Glad you have becca there to hang out with.


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