Sunday, April 15, 2012

one minute i'm visiting teaching, the next...

you should click on the picture to read Spencer Ashton (my cousin)'s comment. 

was history.
i knew it was a bad idea to leave my laptop in any proximity of my closest friends.
they've done facebook damage before, and they did facebook damage again.

apparently, you can go from never even holding a guys hand to being engaged in about 2 seconds. or so facebook says. i can testify from experience.

you wouldn't believe how many people asked me if i was actually engaged from the moment i walked from apt. A to apt. B. literally 100 yards and 3 people stopped me and asked me. another person saw i was sitting on the grass outside, so even opened up their window to ask me. yeah, i was visiting teaching at the time. so the rest is history.

at byu i like to say, ring by spring, or your money back.

so, not quite...but pretty close.
after all, theirs always next year.


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