Monday, April 16, 2012

a mental health break for FARM DAY

i'm a sucker when it comes to farms. although if you really knew me, you probably would never believe it. i've been all levels and sorts of animal-phobia since i came out of the womb.
i blame that on my fish dying the morning after i bought it. or the dog that tried to bite my ankle. or...i could just sum up that any animal encounter with me was not a pleasant one. enough said.

nonetheless, there is something about being on a farm that isn't quite like anything else. you begin to appreciate the finer things in life. you feel your soiled hands and you appreciate just living on earth--and yes, the ability to smell that sweet aroma of cow manure. thats definitely something i'll need to add to my gratitude list :)
and so, i did what any normal college student would do during the middle of finals weekend...and took a mental health break.

and so now you're about to die in a photo heavy blog post. be prepared. 

Addison Kirk (Idaho) milking the goat. we we both naturals...its Bree Hibert that had...well, thats another story.

baby chicks. 

holy cow i fed a horse.
(ha, i crack myself up....)

Bree Hibert the great, hails form Utah.

And Addison was our goat fetcher....

don't pay attention where my baby goats head is....but look, im holding a baby goat.
i'll be sure to show this picture to Bree when we both have future children someday :)

and i'd have a blanket made out of a bunny's fur if i could...but i'm afraid my guilty conscious would get to me eventually....

All in all. Farm day was a blast. And I came away even more determined to have a farm someday. Fresh eggs, my own garden, horses to ride, goat milk for breakfast every morning. that sounds just like bliss.

okay...back to reality. time to hit the books. 

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  1. It would be blissful to live on a farm, except for who is taking care of all the animals???


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