Wednesday, April 18, 2012

finishing up

By the end of tonight--or tomorrow morning I will be officially done with being a freshman. 
Saying that makes me feel older than I am, but at the same time I feel so young too. 

Anyways, getting sad, melancholy, or teary-eyed is beside the point here, so i'll explain a few of my favorite things as of late. 
And if you check my Facebook at all...well you're in for a treat of pictures round 2. 

Friday night: 
I was trying to be a good student and study, but when my "10 minute" nap turned into 2.5 hours, i knew i was done for. Addison and I went and played basketball until it started raining.
He's pretty tight. He went to BYU-H, until he became converted to the true school, BYU.

Of course was Farm Day. And then Bree, Hayley, Addison and I had great plans to do something grand...but that really only consisted of sitting and talking outside. I did introduce them to my ritual of roasting marshmallows and making smores over the gas stove.  
Our Last Sunday in the YSA 121st ward. Motto: 1-2-1 (one two one service). Of course, Hayley + Bree and I had to hang out--or we probably would have gone through withdrawls. So Bree "made" us lunch and we made cupcakes. How did i not meet these 2 sooner? Oh man....we have too much fun.
 We took a semi-family picture in our Sunday Best. I'm quite certain everyone in our ward was jealous of our FHE group...we did have the best. So technically, i was adopted into the best. 

Doing what i do best....eating smores.

 We all were just practicing making smores for our camping trip this weekend. 
 Hayley + Bree doing what they do best....looking cute! :)
 Addison + Bree
When I grow up someday I'll take a normal picture.  
Oh you know its only fashionable to take pictures with a fork in your hand. 
And he's pretty tight too, because he went to BYU-I, until he realized what he was missing and came to BYU.
Listen up, look at the family resemblance i right? We've got a thing for making weird faces. 

just three best friends--in what like the course of 2 weeks. purely providential.


  1. seriously! how did we not know each other before now? greatest weekend in a long time! :) now for another great one camping! :)

  2. Best phrase ever: purely providential. Makes me think of Anne of Green Gables every time :)

  3. Sounds like fun! No mention of studying on finals weekend! Ha! Love you Ems

  4. Sounds like fun! No mention of studying on finals weekend! Ha! Love you Ems

  5. Yeah, when was the studying? LOL! And the picture where you fashionably waving a fork, HELLO! What about the dudes mouth in that picture! That was WAY more interesting than a fork in your hand! I was laughing so hard at that one. You have surrounded yourself with an awesome group of friends and it makes me so happy!

  6. You asked for first official comment on your blog. Basically I'm commenting to tell you that because we don't see each other as much you need to post again so I can know what's going on in your life. Sound good?

  7. gosh i miss friends and nights like this!

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