Tuesday, April 24, 2012

everything you need to know while i was gone....

this post is half dedicated to my most devoted reader, my dear friend, well...actually she asked to stay anonymous, but if you knew her, you would know she is nothing short of superb. and then this post is dedicated the supposedly the other 38 of you who say you "follow" my blog.

so...this is what i've been doing.
well currently im eating cold insta-oatmeal with a fork, since its the only food item to my name--but in a few hours here, I will start Spring Term here at BYU.

but in all hours before that I started Thursday morning off with taking my very last final. (can i get a whoo haah!) Finished up a few items of business and walked home. I started furiously packing until Hayley and Bree came over (shocker there). I went to work and then had a great time at Zupas (for the first time--how come it took me 19 years to finally eat there) with my friend. Later that night Bree and Hayley helped me finish pack up my entire apt. since all of us were checking out the next morning so we could go camping.
We packed until 1am and then pulled mattresses to the living room--to make a mega bed--and have a sleepover.

Friday was crazy busy with packing all of our stuff into cars and doing cleaning checks for check out. After checking out about 7 people in a 24 hour period, we were exhausted--hence i was falling asleep anytime I sat down. We finally got on the road for camping at 4 and we head towards American Fork Canyon. It was a blessing that we got there the first day they opened and we found a great camping spot.

We ate good food and had great company. That was the first time I had slept underneath the stars and it was so freakin cold. I think we all have a greater appreciation for homeless people now. It was so much fun. We made pancakes and bacon the next morning and played cards until it was time to pack up.

We were so blessed to be so safe, protected, no one was injured, and nothing wrong went on. It was really a blessing. When we did start to leave, Hayley's car battery died, but we were able to get it jumped from some fellow campers and it was grand.

We all came back to Provo to help me move in Saturday Afternoon. Then we ate a picnic at the park right next to my apt complex and eventually helped our friend, Enrico move in to the German Housing.
We all then decided to divide and conquer so we could all take showers before the Mens Volleyball game. It was the best game ever. They beat Long Beach St. so now they go on to the quarter finals. I lost my voice because of that game--so thats a pretty good indicator of how great of a game it was.

Sunday, I attended my new ward--and i'll have you know, I'm one of the youngest, but its cool. I made some instant friends because I told them I was Crismon's sister and that Whitney and Aaron were my cousins. And to make this world even smaller, one of Julia's old roommates is in my ward....what are the chances right?

Sunday night I went to West Jordan with Crismon and Danielle to have dinner with the Johns family and Meredith and her kids--from AZ, and Julia from Rexburg. It was too much fun to be with them.
Monday the sisters and I ate some chinese at a park while the kids played and I had to be back for work a little later.

So--in case you were wondering--I am alive and well. I am still discussing what I'm going to do with my life academically, so if you have any "major" suggestions--i'm more than open :)

Sorry this was more for my historical account because posterity cares about these type of things right?

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