Friday, April 13, 2012

"because of their virtue"

A recent goal I have is to read the entire Standard Works in 1 year. Its doable. And I as I was thinking about it...7 pages of scripture is a bit of a hefty load for a college student...but as i thought more about it...perhaps this is one of the greatest things I can do while I am in college.
Before I really begin my year long journey, I came across this scripture that I never want to forget. In the accounts of the scriptures, there are very few mentions of Women...and its even more rare when their names are mentioned.

There are three women mentioned in Abraham 1:11--who's story we don't know anything about, we don't know their names, we don't know what they were like, we don't know how old they were. Yet, we do know the most important thing. They were valiant women--because of their virtue.

It says.."These virgins were offered up because of their virtue; they would not bow down to worship gods of wood or of stone." (Abraham 1:11)

In Mark 5:30, according to the footnote the greek translation of virtue is strength. I believe that as we are virtuous we have that physical, emotional, and spiritual strength that is required to fight off the daily temptations, trials, and challenges that stand in our way from becoming more like Christ--one of His greatest attributes.

Another thing I love about this verse is it talks about the women who believed in a living God. Not a God of wood, or stone. And they knew that God could deliver them from their trials as He has before to others...but if not, they would die because they knew what was right and they were willing to serve God even despite its demands.

I love the Elder Maxwell explains further these "...three young women whose names we do not have. They appear in the Book of Abraham, remarkable young women about whom I am anxious to know more. They were sacrificed upon the altar because "they would not bow down to worship [an idol] of wood or stone. Someday the faithful will get to meet them." (BYU Devotional, Dec. '84)

I believe if I was there with them before they died, I think those women would say they would be willing to give their life 10,000 times over again if it meant, they remained their virtue, integrity, and devoted service to God.
Don't they just radiate Virtue? I  love my parents!

What are you going to do to seek to develop and obtain virtue in your life today?

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  1. That was a beautiful and thought provoking post. Wow, so much to think about now.


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