Thursday, April 5, 2012

happy birthday to my hero

if you know me well, you know that my mother is my absolute hero.
and that is no understatement.

she is the greatest woman i have met--and she is no ordinary woman either.
and so mom, on your day of birth and celebration of life, all i can say is thank you.
i won't be able to truly understand all that you did for me--until i have my own children, but what i can do is say, thank you.

you have made this world a brighter place because of your service, spirit, and smile. you curled my hair every saturday night with sponge curlers, you made the perfect peanut butter and jellys every morning for lunch, you walked home with me from the bus stops after school, you gave me a quarter to buy popcorn at lunch on wednesdays, you still woke me up for seminary, you let me read to you "green eggs and ham" twenty times a day while you excercised--just so i could learn to read, you taught me how to play the piano, you wrote down the most detailed notes at each of my violin lessons--you were my biggest fan, you taught me how to sew, you made the best cheese toasted on bread with tomaotes, you knew how i loved being tucked in bed--even when i was a teen, you always let me lay on you after pre-school while you took your naps--while i tried to match my breathing with yours, you always sang, "good night emily, i do love you" every night with out fail, you always let me borrow the car to drive to school--leaving you stranded all day, you always picked me up--on time too--with snacks ready in the car for our 5 time a week deals: piano lessons, violin lessons, mock trial, journalism, and pit orchestra.

to put it simply, you are the best mother. and frankly, i have so much to live up to--its a daunting task, but one that i want to strive for every day, because i know its worth it.

you have influenced more people then you have met, and your life of 60 years is little in comparrison to the happiness you have brought into this world, the acts of selfless service and kindness you have rendered, the troubled hearts you have saved and healed, the lonely spirits that long for friends--you have done all of this and more.

I love you because you "first loved us." (John 4:19). and you have taught me like in the Old testament, that "In every work that [you] began...[you did it with all [your] heart." 2 Cronichles 31:21

and so i say thank you and i love you in the only way i know how.....

happy birthday my mother angel. 


  1. So...What you're saying is that someday my children will be grateful for the PB&J sandwiches that I make them every morning? I just wanna make sure because sometimes I'm not so sure.

    That was a beautiful tribute, and I loved reading it. I absolutely love the graphic you put together. Please tell me that you had it framed and wrapped for her!

  2. I am deeply humbled by your expressions of love. I don't feel worthy of your praise, but I love it and cherish it and love and cherish you dearly. Love, Mom


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