Tuesday, April 3, 2012

#459467th reason why i'm going to make a great mother

first, i'd like to preface the fact that i have a fantastic mother. 
i just like to note that i can't compare my mother to anyone. because, well, to put it simply, she is the best. so when i fail at homemaking tasks, like laundry, cooking, or just keeping my phone charged, i feel like i really fail, according to my mom's standard. 

with that said, let me explain to why i will make such a great mother...or lack thereof
 i tend to fall asleep too often trying to do homework--and when i really say "homework," this is what my roommates found on my internet screen (see below)....
 that leads me to point b, i can not make cookies for my life. and that is a true and honest statement. you'd think that making them every sunday after church since you came out of your mothers womb, you'd actually be decent at making them...but alas, i still fail miserably.
 point c: we consume a healthy diet of oreos, popcorn, yougurt land, and cake mix, and you don't even want to know what you can't see underneath that popcorn bag, (like goldfish and chocolate chip bags to name a few)....although, despite of lack of health, i'd like to take credit that the egg carton, is mine, so i do consume a considerable amount of protein. just in case you were worried.
 point d: i like to eat smores for lunch. so sue me? am i just odd, or does anyone else love theirs over-done. call me crazy but its the best of both worlds. i learn not have patience, and i don't have to be extra careful on  how long i have to leave it next to the fire.
point e: we tend to leave cleaning until the very last minute possible. for example, when we had cleaning checks, the RA told me that my rotting potatos were considered a health hazard...and i failed in every other aspect of the cleaning check. hopefully the people that live in this apartment next year don't notice the copious amounts of marshmallow goop that gets stuck to the burners.... :)
and point f (just for fun): and this is why it is so great to have a gas stove....s'mores all year long. and you better believe i recited outloud, the whole "s'mores scene" in SandLot with Smalls and Hamiliton Porter.

so yes, you better believe i'm going to make a great mother someday.
i mean, yeah, i can't keep my phone charged, or i seem to lose my house key three times a day, or i've yet to master the art of not spilling jam on the counter, but...hey....its a great thing i have a super mom and 5 other super sisters to help me :)


  1. This really made me laugh, and cheered me up. Was your purpose to make a failure like me feel great about my mothering skills? :) JK
    I really love and appreciated so much the comment you left on my blog. Based on the awesome babysitter you are, and how much my kids love you, I'd say You're going to be a darn good mother someday.
    PS - I love your choice of microwave popcorn:)

  2. This is hilarious! The question is, how many of those 12 eggs were used to make cookies or cakes?? :) jk! THANKS FOR THE LAUGH today!!

  3. You will be a great mother because you are already such a wonderful person!

  4. Lets just say, i am a HUGE fan of your blog!! Love this post and your "mothering" skills! Haha Just out of curiosity, i would love to read a post about any recommendations you for new freshman's like me:) I guess this is a request of mine, but if you don't - no worries - im still a fan!!


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