Monday, April 2, 2012

general conference

general conference is unfortunately over.
(but fortunately never quite fully over)
didn't you just love it?

I always come away feeling motivation to "try alittle harder, to be alittle better," (President Hinckley), every day. I feel peace of mind, edified, uplifted, and inspired as the moutains and challenges come my way--I can be overcoming with the help of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I was most especially blessed to be able to attend with most of my family in the Utah Area. My parents drove from Oregon, and Julia, Crismon, Danielle, Alice-Anne, Mom, Dad, and I were able to attend the Saturday Morning Session. We were miraculously able to get in for Saturday afternoon with the help of my cousin, Jessica Smith, she truly is a gem, and we had tickets for Sunday Afternoon as well.

What a rejuvenating weekend--and i certainly look forward to re listening, rereading, and reviewing these conference addresses.

The gospel is true, and i wish every person was a member! :)


  1. I loved conference, too, and I loved being there with you!

  2. Conference is awesome, even when you are trapped in a loud dirty house with five kids, and feeling huge, uncomfortable and pregnant with no husband home. Yes, it is still awesome. That is how wonderful General Conference is:)


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