Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday & Goodbye Gemma

 I am a single college student. So, naturally, i didn't wake up to an Easter Basket, or a new dress, or any Easter candy for that matter either (pretty sure, my roommates and i got our fill of Cadburry eggs a few months ago). I mean, after all, I am impressed I even got down a little bit of breakfast before church.

This was my first Easter away from home, which wasn't really shocking considering i've been living on my own for 10 months now. It was a wonderful Sabbath day. I felt humbled to be able to play the organ and a special musical number duet called, "My Heavenly Father Loves Me." As i was playing it, i became so absorbed in the music and the Spirit that I forgot I was even playing for the congregation, and then as soon as i realized it, I started to get nervous.

It was a beautiful Sacrament Meeting. My goal was to be able to recite The Living Christ today on my own. And i am so glad I was able to! The feeling of accomplishing a goal is exhilerating!

Sadly, this was one of the last Sunday's i'll have with Gemma. She is going to nanny in Sweden after this semester--She is brave, courageous, fearless, responsible, caring, giving, loving, and accepting. I feel I have changed for the better because I have known her. I know that sounds incredibly cheesy, but its true. Her daily acts of kindness and happiness help remind me what is truly important in life and to notice the little things in life that most people become complacent with so easily. I'm really going to miss Gemma. She's been my best friend in this apartment. Like she just knows when your day sucks, or when you just want to talk. Or she'll just buy you orange juice for no reason at all, or a half gallon of ice cream to eat away your sorrow after you've failed a test. I feel so humbled that she invited me to spend Easter Sunday with her family. She is like the soul that just keeps giving--I think even if someone told her to stop--she not only wouldn't, but couldn't, she is just too generous. She invited a few of our friends too. Not like her mother didn't already have enough mouths to feed--but she was so kind to extend her arms and feed us as well.
and so farewell Gemma. its not for long--and i'll see you again! Don't marry a swede, or do anything i wouldn't do (you're probably sick of hearing that... ;) but know that i am so grateful that I was your roommate this year--all that you've taught me and memories i'll have. (speaking of memories, you just yelled out our window, 'shut up'!) hahah...yeah, living next the volleyball courts wasn't the greatest idea for both of us. :) Just remember....YOU'RE THE BEST
me. Enrico (Italy), Josh (Washington), Terrance (California)


  1. Em!!! I have that dress in blue!!! And Sierra has it also, in black maybe? Anyway, we should all wear it together sometime and get cousins pictures. You look too adorable in it!

  2. I'm sad for you that Gemma is leaving! I have loved getting to know her through your blog. She seems quite wonderful. You're very lucky to have had a great roommate first off! I can't believe you've been gone 10 months. It actually seems longer. Oh, and I love your dress too. It is very super cute on you!


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