Tuesday, April 10, 2012

a sorta jonah day.

oh hello there...fancy seeing you there.
if you are reading this, you really should be condemning me.
I, here, am slowly falling quickly into the gulfs of misery and endless woe--of homework that is.

let me explain to you my sorta jonah day.
i just have a 300 point paper that i have yet to turn in. (why did i just confess that to you is bewildering me--but alas, i fear that only because of my crazy confessions do i actually have frequent readers). With that said, that paper was due at 5pm. yeah--not going to happen.
my hope is that i'll get to my teachers box tomorrow morning before she arrives and she'll never know i turned it in on tuesday. (fingers crossed).

then...i also have 2 Proclamation Projects that are a good portion of my grade that were due yesterday as well--but that i can put on the back burner since i think i can whip out those assignments without too much pain.

anyways...the point of this post? well...just to drag on my procrastination into the night a little longer into the night--you know because that is when excellence kicks in.

but never fear, I have adequate preparation.
let me explain.
after FHE tonight i was craving food, like a real dinner, something that is very sparse in my vocabulary and diet. After being famished all day, i began making rice at 9:30 pm. Clearly, the optimum time for cooking. I then warmed up some "Cream of Chicken," if you are a lewis...you are sensing my meal here aren't you. no, this is not any meal, this is quite frankly 1 of the only 2 meals emily has attempted to make. This, and Shepards Pie. We like to be risky around here.

I have to say though I was looking forward to eating something real, besides gold fish and chocolate chips. I even called my mom to make sure i have the correct ratio of water and rice (luckily, i didn't have to ask her how to boil water). Anyways, moral of the story: the rice sucked! it was grainy and there was still water in the pot. i let it cook for a whole 20 mins. FAIL. why does that always happen to me?

then basically i had to go this whole weekend without milk--which is basically the equivalent of my alcohol. I drink it from the gallon, and my roommates must consider me a cow with the amount of milk i drink....wait....er.....you know what i mean.

and finally, the creamery had chocolate chips on sale (winning!). So i guess the moral of this story is.....I can't cook, I love milk, and Chocolate chips are my celestial substance.

Poor, poor life. 


  1. was that supposed to be brown rice or burnt white rice?? jk Rice can be hard to cook. It took me awhile to get it perfect. Don't give up. Call me next time and I'll help you out. I would hate for you to get hard rice! tHERE IS NOTHING WORSE! well maybe not.... :)

  2. Is it OK that I am laughing at you? I hope so! I assume that that is why you post such things in a public forum! So that we can laugh at you, right? I think I will have Glenn and Lily read this post so they can start learning from your mistakes at a younger age:)

    I'm sorry the rice didn't turn out. It looked good. Bummer.

  3. emily, your posts make me smile! i like you a lot. and i hope that you have some real food in your life this week, or i'll make some boys ask you out on dates so you can get some free food. :) ok, bye.


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