Thursday, April 26, 2012

the duo scenario

In case you were wondering, let me record here the finer things that have happened as
of late in Emily's life.

Scenario #1:
Tuesday, first day of school, I can't find my ID card, therefore I can't buy my textbooks. Awesome.
This creates a second problem. In order for me to get through the appropriate gates at work you have to have your ID card, this is me failing again.
Solution: I threw my bike behind some bushes, found a pole to lock it up to, and threw my backpack over the fence. I was attempting to suck in so i could slid between some cinderblock and the pole of the fence--but I was realizing my freshman 15 was getting to me, and that wouldn't work. Plus I really didn't want to snag my shirt on some cinderblock. So luckily there was a truck delivery gate near by that I was able to slide (and when I say slide, really more like army crawl on the gravel to get underneath and on the other side of the fence). Call me a classy lady a skirt no less. I now know what if feels like to be Jason Bourne--I scanned my surroundings to make sure there was no truck drivers, security cameras, basically anyone was looking.

Scenario #2:
I live in a ghetto apartment. Its cheap rent. Its old. And there is a reason why there are still a ton of contracts still available at where I live. Figures. However this morning--if it wouldn't have been for a few of my friends texting me, i would have never woken up. Why? Because the freaking power was scheduled to be out from 8am-5pm. Awesome once again. Our vanity area is still even considered dark with the lights on--just imagine getting ready with zero electricity whatsoever.
Think about what you would have for toaster, no microwave, no stove....and then think about going to the light. i almost got in the shower and then hair dryer, no straightener. talk about H-E-double hockey sticks.
There is none. are just going to face the fact that you probably are going to look like crap today and you really cross your fingers that you don't meet your EC (eternal companion) on campus today...well, because frankly you won't even impress the garbage can. So face it.

p.s. random fact for the day: my friend since birth, Conner House, got his mission call last night, and I got to be there when he opened it! He is going to the Brazil Curituba Mission! I'm a proud friend!


  1. hahahah, Emily Lewis "breaking" into the MTC. Real classy!
    Thanks for the good laugh!

  2. oh my! Emily, your life sounds so fun to live. :)

  3. My friend, your life just made me laugh so hard. I love you, and I hope you eventually found your ID. And also that this was recorded on camera somewhere...


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