Saturday, April 28, 2012

a whole bunch of nonsense

Frankly, i'm afraid since nothing cool has happened in my life besides meeting President Uchtdorf--and that the bruises on my legs from the bike accident have created a constellation of stars, instead, I'm going to entertain you with the notion of nonsense. fair enough? Great.

i'll first inform you that i have new corridors. fancy that eh?
 clean, eh? its probably convenient that i had an OCD roommate for an entire year last year, because now, i've lived in this room for a week and even a speck of messiness gets me to cringe. i knew college was good for something ;) 

and i wanted to show you that i did something i never have done before....bought some man deodorant.
and i ashamed to say i often find myself sitting and smelling it, heck no! i figure, shoot, if i don't have a man in my life, you can just buy one for $2.79 with a 20% percent discount. totally worth it.

and i'm not showing you my face for all intents and purposes because, well frankly, i just woke up from a nap. and for the greater good i wont display my tired facade. however, don't look too closely, but i would recommend one thing that has quite possibly changed my life for the best. i bought this as a present to myself. in case you were wondering, shopping therapy is good for the soul every once in a while, so on a "treat yourself day," you should buy this....well just don't tell your husbands you are buying it. lucky for me, i only had to ask myself, and did i have to ask twice? heck to the no. this baby was mine. please don't judge for the price, mom. i believe its gotten me more dates these past two weekends then my entire last semester. see...i knew this was good for something. ;)


  1. Hah. OCD roommates that were never home
    = our garbage everywhere, all the time.

  2. hahaha! yes, $2.79 for a boy will do, i guess?? ps Bryan uses that deodarant! :)

  3. "if i don't have a man in my life, I can just buy one for $2.79." It's a good thing I didn't read that in a public place,I would have gotten some strange looks on account of the crazy laughter. Good investment Em


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