Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This is going to sound a bit bizarre. But can i share with you one of my new favorite things?

i know--sorry, blurry!
Because I get an employees discount at the BYU & MTCBookstore, I have made the best purchase of my life. A new scripture bag. I love it. It has more pockets than a diaper bag. It just screams 'sister missionary' which i love. And its so nice not to carry anything with my hands anymore. I'm always just about to say, "mom, look, no hands." 

Okay. So. That. Is. It.

are you disappointed?
Nah...who cares, because i love it!
If you are looking for.....
Go Show the World. 


  1. Don't you love a good find! Sounds like a great scripture bag! And thanks for the links!

  2. Wow, that is a deluxe scripture bag. That does scream sister missionary! Is this a sign of whats to come?

  3. I love it! Especially the 'Look NO hands' part. I need me some that!


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