Tuesday, March 6, 2012

tribute to the oreo


Is a beloved word. Just 4 letters encompess pure joy, bliss, happiness, delicious, memories, love, and delight, a 4 letter word just doesn't give it justice.

On this day, March 6, we celebrate non-other than the day the OREO began blessing our lives forever. Clearly, a worthy day to celebrate.

Oreo's are a delicacy in life. A perfect mix of chocolate and cream---that the knock off brands can not even begin to master.

When my first niece was born, my family and I drove 18 hrs one summer for her baby blessing. My brother Dallin had a night shift of driving--and being the 200lb+ wrestler, football center he was, he managed to consume an entire package of oreos in one sitting. That is success.

My first love with OREO's blossomed when I watched the new Parent Trap movie when I was 6. Hallie ate OREO's with peanut butter, and there that night began my absolute love affair with peanut butter and chocolate. Consider myself addiction? Not even the slightest. Its more like an unhealthy obsession that no drugs, medicine or intervention could ever cure.
Its no surprise that I (and the rest of my siblings) have asked for "Oreo Dessert"every year for our birthday dessert, without fail. Its no suprised that my mother perfected the art of making it either--after all, 9 children with 18 birthdays...you get my point.

And just one of the last reasons i love oreo's....think about it, what other delicious cookies basically spells out your homestate. ORE--gOn. Seee?

now please, for the sake and sanity of all mankind. Go have a oreo, or two or three, oh heck, splurge and have the whole package.
You won't regret it.

They are the best friends, a girl could have.

Happy Birthday OREO!


  1. I really wish I didn't read this at 9pm. because I don't have oreos and now I REALLY want them.

    ps did you take that last picture with the oreo in the milk?

  2. Mmmmm.... I just love me some Oreo's. I just bought a huge box at Costco, which I never do.


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