Friday, March 23, 2012

happy friday!

if i've made it to friday, i feel like its my birthday, and i just get to celebrate and say happy friday to myself all day. today's friday is finally beginning after 11 hrs on campus. no beuno. but...i got things done. i am so close to being caught up. and once i am....wait i probably won't, so i won't get my hopes up.

its the first night i've come home before 11pm. that means success--because that means i'm not at the library! tonight my summer ward is having a little "reunion" but....i'm just skipping that. why? because i am reading a really good book, called MindSet. and right now, a book sounds more enjoyable then talking to people. crazy as that sounds coming from me. so far, i've been reading this book in sections, because it's not a novel. it was written by Dr. Dweck, from Stanford.

some funnies this week:

:: one night after going straight from work back to school, i decided to indulge and buy myself some dinner at the cougareat. I was hesitant. because i can count on my hand probably how many times i have actually bought food from there. i usually would rather starve, eat gum and drink water, then pay and arm and a get the point. i bought a wrap, and proceeded to sit down. as i began eating, i see Crismon walk by to get a napkin or something. he sees me too, and we start talking, and he brought his dinner over and we sat and ate together. it was good fun. its nice to not eat by yourself once and awhile :)

:: part 2 to this story, as we finished, he said he was on his way to the library. when i replied i was too,  he asked me where i like to study and i said the media center on the 4th floor, and to my surprise, thats exactly where he studies too.

:: part 3 to this story. then on wednesday night, of course, like my ritual, i went back to the media center to study, after being there for awhile, i had fallen asleep sitting up, and crismon happened to walk by to get something, and sure enough saw me....go figure. this truly means we are siblings since we eat at the cougareat at the same time (which is seriously a rare occurrence for both of us), and study in the same place at the same time unintentionally.

:: sorry, since all my time is spent in the lib, i really only have stories about it...but today, i was again in the media center, and i saw my cousin becca!!! one of my most favorite people ever. what i mean to be only a quick hello ended up being a 1.5 hr conversation! my checks literally hurt from smiling and lauging with her. i'm so glad she goes to school, because i love seeing her at devotional! :)

:: another funny. i walked back to the school after work on thursday and i was on the phone with Ondalynn, my sister. after awhile she handed the phone to sydney, my 8 yr old niece, she's my hero by the way, so we could talk, and then i told her i had to go meet up with a friend for institute. without missing a beat she said, "FINALLY!" and I kind of laugh, and said, "sydney, why is that...." and she responded, "well, every time we webcam with you, or you talk to my mom on the phone, you are always by yourself on a friday night! its about time you have friends." wow... reprimanded by my niece. :) i did nothing but laugh.
look familiar? this would be a girls bathroom counter space. 0% space whatsoever. typical.

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  1. I found this post very interesting and entertaining! Thanks for taking the time to share these little gems. Glad you have a Sydney to keep you on your toes:) Though I completely understand the desire to just sit and read, something that you want to read! Hope you enjoyed your quiet Friday evening all to yourself!


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