Monday, March 26, 2012

Festival of the Colors 2012, Spanish Fork, UT

i did it.
i can now say I attend BYU.
solely because i have now been to the festival of the colors.

(from facebook)

sorry mom--no seat belt for me. actually...where i'm sitting isn't EVEN seat. i might have tail-bone-spine damage for the rest of my life, but hey, worth it. 

Enrico (Italy), Erin (New Mexico), Haley (Utah)
Let the record show:this was before we even purchased the chalk-- just from the pilgrimage to the Krishna Temple. 


chalk in teeth---YUM

BIG group--with random people mixed into. 

As an American, it was my civic duty to teach Italians the way of life. 
So...basically you're probably wondering why we spent a 6 hr ordeal to go get clothes really dirty and get chalk all over us--and not just my group of friends, we are talking about the largest hindu festival on the Western Hemisphere.

This is serious business. It all started with 5,000 years ago a man would throw colors in the spring time which made the "flowers" and so now that is one of the reasons we do it. The other reason is...a wicked witch use to burn babies and she used this chalk powder to put on them or something like that.

moral of the story:i was there for the largest throwing of the day--the 7pm throwing. We left at 4 pm, got to Spanish Fork, walked a mile, ran into a cousin and my friend Hilary Munger on the way, and then after the Festival we went to j-dawgs.

Possibly one of the best parts of the night, was Olivia Treanor, who came up from BYU-I for the FofC came and met me at J-dawgs. she drove me back home and we chatted, even while i was still chalked up. Everyone in my group showered, and we did one huge load of wash. my shirt that was once white is a permanant shade of grey. While we waited for laundry we played night time basketball. Let the record show: I bet 3 guys and 2 girls at knock out, and on one-on-one. so beat that.

To top of the weekend: Today was Fast Sunday--so automatically the best. After seeing that the only food left at break the fast was pretzels--Josh and I made dinner for his roommates.

I am so lucky to be here in Provo and to be surrounded by such wonderful people. Tonight, there was a Stake RS Fireside with Hilary Weeks as the speaker. It was incredible. Fanastic. Inspiring. Just...Awesome. I hope to add my notes here soon. It was so incredible to think--she is someone I have looked up to for so long and then to be 50 ft away from her and to sit at her feet and be taught--I am truly blessed. 


  1. How fun! We are both up late blogging! I am so glad you did this post because I have been really wanting to see and hear more about this whole festival of Colors! So awesomely fun! What a fun 'BYU' experience!!!

  2. can't believe I never did that...way to be a true BYU co-ed!

  3. The Festival of Colors photo is by Erin Pritchett @ EKPritchett Photography. Thanks!

  4. The Festival of Colors photo is by Erin Pritchett @ EKPritchett Photography. Thanks!


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